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Turning business habits on their head to get better results is always a great way to change the game.

You have to pay extra to remove risk in business. You pay for insurance against fire and hope it never happens. You pay to insure life, disability, key person and many more factors.

There is a revolution underway around many new technologies from cloud, to 3D printing, mobility, to data analysis and business intelligence.

Early February one of our clients was struck by an encryption attack on their data.  First we heard was when staff could not access server based files across the network.  What we discovered was a terrified staff member looking at the following screens wondering about their future in the firm.

With 2014 it brings a new way of thinking that needs to emerge in Australia as costs of imported goods is driving our inflation as shown by the CPI figures last quarter.

In January of 2014 Westpac’s new on-line banking system was off line for 9 hours.  What would happen to your business if you were offline for hours?

Call Vaultive seems to be the new answer to that.

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Microsoft has set out to build the best suite of online tools it can, investing billions of dollars into developing the Office 365 suite of products and creating cloud versions of each of their extensive range of products.

The reason moving is on my mind is that we just moved into our new office on Monday. Some things went well and some things failed. The impact on our clients is all we will be measured by.

This week I had the opportunity to look in on the big data team at ANZ. Wow, they are busy! With a two-year plan of work and a team that has just doubled in size they are seeing no end of opportunity in visualising their data, building dashboards that reduce the load on their business analysts.