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Case study - Evans & Partners


  • Stock-broking
  • PCs: 60
  • Locations: 2


Evans and Partners is a rapidly growing Australian stockbroking firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Rapid and continuing growth required more expertise than in-house IT resources could provide.


Evans & Partners partnered with Combo® to ensure that IT supports and enables the firm’s continued growth.


Evans & Partners have continued to expand successfully despite one of the most tumultuous economic environments in recent memory. Strategic IT planning and robust IT infrastructure have been critical to that success.

Evans & Partners

Evans & Partners provides a person-to-person, highly-attentive stock-broking service. The firm has an emphasis on smart, articulate and pro-active people servicing clients with ideas to create wealth. These ideas are backed by the advice, initiative and experience provided by some of the most intelligent and experienced market practitioners available.

The firm’s core values are based on trust, integrity and the provision of investment advice based on thorough research and a long term investment horizon.

These values have seen the firm continue to grow rapidly since beginning trading in Melbourne in November 2007. The firm now has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, services over 50 top institutions and over 1000 private wealth clients. Robust IT infrastructure is central to the firm’s research and trading operations.

The business problem

After 18 years working with JBWere & Son and then Goldman Sachs JB Were, David Evans established Evans and Partners in November 2007.

Initially Evans & Partners managed IT with an internal resource. While this was OK, rapid growth soon revealed the limitations of this approach.

Within months the firm had grown from a few people to dozens of people. The in-house generalist IT expertise was stretched to the limit and requests for IT help constantly had to be juggled and prioritised.

“IT systems are critical to our business. It really is that simple. Ensuring IT keeps functioning is critical,” says Parrish Davis, General Manager of Evans & Partners. “We knew that client confidence is dependent on us maintaining systems that are as good, if not better, than our established competitors.”

“With rapid growth, we realised the firm simply needed more than one IT person could ever provide. We also wanted to be more strategic about aligning IT with the business, and were concerned about the risk exposure for the firm if our sole IT person walked out the door.”

Partnering with Combo

“Combo was recommended to us as an IT provider that understood small to medium sized rapid growth organisations. When we met with Combo it was obvious that this was a team who could grow with us,” continues Parrish Davis.

“The difference was stark by comparison when Combo took over IT. All of our systems now connect directly to Combo. We have fewer glitches and when they do occur Combo responds fast. Really fast. Everyone knows that they can telephone the Combo help desk. Most problems are resolved remotely during the call.”

“With Combo, we have implemented careful planning and infrastructure redundancy to ensure business continuity.”

“When we continued to expand and opened an office in Sydney, Combo managed the IT set-up and networking with Melbourne. It was seamless and painless. They were also proactive in suggesting options that would allow for further growth in Sydney.”

Business benefits for Evans & Partners

“Continual growth requires careful management. We rely on Combo as a trusted partner in that planning process. Whenever potential growth opportunities for the firm are being assessed, one of my first calls is always to Combo to seek their input on potential IT implications,” says Parrish Davis.

“Similarly, when we need to invest in IT infrastructure, Combo presents us with all of the options and a recommended course of action. It not only makes my life easier, it has also saved us money by ensuring that we invest wisely.”

The firm’s Founder and Managing Partner, David Evans, agrees.

“Evans & Partners has earned an enviable reputation for innovation and service during a period of continuous growth for the firm and the most tumultuous economic environment in recent memory. We simply could not have achieved it without a trusted IT partner like Combo,” says David Evans.

“While others in the finance sector often advocate complexity, Evans & Partners is known for advocating transparency, simplicity and plenty of two-way communication. Combo works the same way. It’s a good fit for us.”

“Rapid growth brings both risk and opportunity. Knowing that Combo is ensuring our IT systems grow with us has enabled us to minimise the risk and maximise our ability to capitalise on the opportunity.”