Is your data at risk of loss or corruption? BizProtect Automated backup has become the norm today as internet speeds have increased and data costs have come down.

With BizProtect you can have a Cloud Disaster Recovery service that continuously replicates your data or your entire IT environment to our secure data centre. No matter what we will have your data preserved and retrievable.

BizProtect provides a solution set which uses a range of technologies to meet the backup and recovery requirements of any business, incorporating on site and off site components with backup to a choice of data centres on shore or off shore.

Our architects will design a solution that meets your needs and budget.



Beautiful Dashboards for Powerful Insights. iDashboards provides an HTML5 based data visualisation tool for reporting the critical numbers in your business.

Through award winning engineering and patented technology, iDashboards are making it easier to understand your data.

Offering easy to build, dynamic dashboards that create context for any user – in any organisation – so you can draw real meaning from raw data.

Combo champion the unique benefits of iDashboards by delivering a range of consulting services to ensure a smooth transition with data from everywhere into powerful dashboards.


Skype for Business

Unified communication technology is the way of the future… Skype from anywhere on a mobile device or headset, video, presence and calendar integration as well as desktop and application sharing.

Skype for Business has been declared the industry leader by industry analysts such as Gartner and is a major productivity driver for any multi-site organisation.

Telephony is increasingly moving to unified communications with desktop sharing, video, voice, presence and other forms of collaboration, driving better productivity inside your business and across the globe with clients and suppliers.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype expanded their unified communications offering, now including the best available video telephony product in the market for business collaboration.


Office 365

Remove the hassle of mail servers and storage and move to the freedom and scalability of the Cloud.

With Office 365 you can sort out licensing of your Microsoft applications and remove the pain and cost of infrastructure in one easy step. Our talented team can have you moved across in just a few days using tools and processes perfected from years of partnering with Microsoft.

Combo is a leading provider of cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365. We will support your transition to the cloud with product selection to ensure that you invest in the right licensing model now and in the future growth of your business. We provide migrations services and on-going administration to ensure the cloud works for you.

It has never been easier to have your entire business up to date with current versions of Microsoft applications (through the subscription model) and cloud tools for collaboration and storage.



Vaultive’s best of breed pre-cloud encryption directly resolves the issue of control of data in the cloud.

Enabling broader cloud adoption. Based on groundbreaking data encryption technology for processing of encrypted ciphers in a third-party environment, Vaultive’s approach enables customers to retain control of their cloud data, without breaking the application features or functions and continue to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Secure your enterprise as it moves to cloud solutions with Vaultive which provides data encryption for Office 365. Offering a seamless gateway invisible to your staff Vaultive will protect your data in use, in transit and at rest.

Combo provide Vaultive technology with local support that you can trust to resolve cloud and data encryption issues.