Managed IT Services

Combo offer a highly talented and qualified team to meet your IT service needs, working in collaboration with your businesses IT department or in the case of smaller enterprises, as your entire IT department.

Combo will support the growth and expansion of your business with IT assistance and systems. We bring specialised knowledge and software systems to aid or fully manage your IT department so that you can get on with managing your business.

We do not only specialise in managing IT services in unrelated industries, Combo also have a solid base of clients in IT software development and consulting who recognise and value our service in managing their IT environments more efficiently.

Our solutions lie in our range of ValueCare products which we are happy to discuss with you to tailor a service to meet your current requirements. Just like cloud computing, the amount of service offered is scaled up and down proportionately to suit you. We work to a pre-determined cost and budget, and are completely transparent to avoid any surprises.


Backup & Data Recovery

BizProtect automates and guarantees against the loss of any business data quickly and efficiently.

BizProtect offers you a local backup of data with regular snapshots throughout the day as well as an off-site snap shot of your data and system files. We assess each backup and data recovery client on a case by case basis and provide the most efficient design for your systems based on our tried and tested combination of tools.

The value of your business is closely linked to the security of your intellectual property, systems and stored information. Our highest priority is to ensure that you have access to your data, no matter what.

Whether accidental or due to a building fire, BizProtect captures your data and recovers it quickly.


Cloud Encryption

Vaultive’s encryption gateway product encrypts your data in the cloud, securing your most sensitive information for your peace of mind.

Vaultive has been designed to offer robust encryption of the Microsoft Application stack without breaking application features such as search or indexing. Thus making it the industry leading product for encryption of Office 365 products.

Vaultive offers a data encryption gateway that is invisible to staff and therefore efficient and hassle free. They simply connect their mail clients on all devices to the defined address and all their future email on Office 365 is encrypted in use, in transit and at rest. Your administrator can then manage encryption keys by location, department or other organisational unit. Keys can be rolled over periodically to ensure your data remains private and impenetrable to social networking and phishing attacks.

Privacy and security has become an essential part of doing business, it is no longer an afterthought or a reaction to a problem. When moving to the cloud, it requires that extra layer of security.


IT Consulting

Combo helps businesses achieve their IT goals providing tailored IT solutions that make sense.

Our team will support your business needs, providing strategic advice in relation to security, in house infrastructure, hybrid and cloud solutions, backup and project management to mention a few.

We deliver the right advice to help people in business move forward with technology.

It is not uncommon for businesses of all size to be overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of information that needs to be taken into consideration when making Business IT decisions.

Combo is your trusted advisor who will relieve you of the burden and complexity of IT, by stepping in and delivering options and solutions for you.

Our consultants offer the following services and expertise:

Technology audits
/ Infrastructure
/ Cloud readiness
/ Security
/ Disaster recovery

System design
/ Product selection
/ Solution architecture
/ Network design
/ Application selection

Business analysis
/ Power BI
/ Dashboard design
/ KPI selection for visualisation


Infrastructure & Cloud Migration

Combo will help you choose the best infrastructure solution for your business and manage a seamless implementation.

Combo has worked on cloud solutions, backup and recovery and migrating businesses to cloud technologies for over a decade. Our proficiency in installing networks and servers, and providing end user support to ensure success post implementation extends across hundreds of clients.

Combo specialise in efficiently diagnosing and identifying which of the business IT solutions should be cloud-based and which should be on-premise.

We help you migrate to pure cloud, pure on-premise or hybrid solutions – whatever makes the most sense for you.


Business Metrics

Combo believe that what is measured can be improved.

iDashboards is a state of the art application from the U.S which uses HTML5 to produce highly graphical outputs on any screen in almost any platform, allowing you to monitor your business metrics from any device. With its ability to connect to any data source and extract numbers you can now keep track of the flywheel of your business from sales pipeline reporting to production to logistics to finance and analytics for your web site and social media all on one consistent user interface.

Unlike most business systems which are limited in what they measure, iDashboards data is able to come from multiple sources onto one screen of interactive information. iDashboards removes the need to measure across multiple systems to provide a comprehensive view of the organisation.

iDashboards provides richer, more visually engaging ways to display data, offering easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards that create context for any user – in any organisation – so you can draw real meaning from raw data.

From sales, development and support, Combo look at every situation as an opportunity to innovate and provide the most current technology.