IT that makes sense

At Combo we are passionate about helping people in business by implementing and supporting technologies that create value.

Our experienced local teams can assess your IT needs, advise on the best possible solutions, then implement and support them seamlessly to ensure IT is no longer a problem and you can focus on what you do best, running your business or organisation.

We communicate in plain language, and we ensure that your IT will complement and facilitate your organisational goals. – That is ‘IT that makes sense’.

Here are some of the ways we help businesses and people to get the most out of their IT.


Helping People in Business

Your business relies on good people and sometimes they need help to make technology perform at its best.
Your Problem

When technology is not doing what you need it to, it is frustrating and can place a burden on your staff and the business. We help people by taking those problems away as fast as possible. A quick, well informed response is what you need and what we offer to get your business performing.

Are your IT staff unable to keep up with support calls? Is your current IT support service slow to respond to requests? Do you need help managing your IT day to day? What about planning for your organisation’s future IT requirements?

Our Solution

Combo offers full remote IT helpdesk services but also the depth and experience to help you create a lean, effective path for growth.

Imagine having the confidence that your technology is running well and that you already know what you need to implement or upgrade next. No doubt, no confusion, just technology that works as you need it to. That’s IT that makes sense, and that’s what we make happen.

They Say

“The reason behind giving combo a 10/10, is that Combo are always there to help and to insure our company is successful by making sure our IT is running perfectly and minimising risk of down time, whether it be by a single workstation or full server failure, it is as if Combo believe that it is their company as well as ours.
Combo are professional and understanding with our company goals, they listen and work with us well, with no missed communication.”

Ante Patrk,
Terrain Consulting Group

Implementing and Supporting Technology

You need your technology systems to perform.
Your Problem

You are not an IT business so it is hard to maintain the capabilities within your business to stay abreast of the rate of change of technology.

If your IT systems are falling behind the requirements of your business and your technical resources in house or outsourced are not ready to implement current technologies, you may need different resources to help implement rapidly. You could send your current people on training courses and wait for them to be ready to run the projects and manage the new systems or you could grab what you need today.

Our Solution

By engaging Combo you gain access to our team of professionals who love to implement the right technologies to drive your success.

We’ve done this for over a decade with businesses of all sizes, and have the right business to attract the best people for the job. We invest in training our team on the latest technologies which they deploy repeatedly helping us recover the cost of training and ensuring your value. Using standardised project templates for repeat projects from implementations to relocations drives our efficiency and your cost and sanity saving.

They Say

“It was very helpful that Daniel, the Project Manager was on site for the meetings and assisted in the collaboration of the move with all electricians and removalists etc. The team Daniel, Richard, Srini worked well together and produced a level of calm and professionalism that made the move easy, nothing was a problem for them which left us feeling assured that it would all work out. There was excellent attention and care shown by the team. The business could not have achieved limited down time without them. That’s why I give you a score of 9.”

Peter J Ramsay

Creating Value

Our people are passionate about creating value in your business.
Your Problem

We know that well selected and implemented solutions will optimise your business and improve your productivity, whatever industry you operate in.

Ageing IT infrastructure and ad-hock IT systems that are not fit for purpose will cost you ever-increasing amounts of time and money.

Our Solution

With our experience gained over years across multiple industries we are sure we can do it for your business too. The right tools will let your staff do more with less effort, frustration and interruption. We will keep you working and will work together to find measurable benefits for your organisation.

They Say

“Chris is fantastic. We are a small not for profit and Combo understands our needs. Combo is flexible and efficient and shows where savings could be made. The transition of servers happened in the background and our work was not really disturbed at all.”

Heath Rickard,
Victorian National Parks Association



The Australian Lending & Investment Centre

“Without Combo, our business would be a lot smaller than it is today.”

Kevin Agent, founding Partner of the Australian Lending and Investment Centre, explains how Combo has helped him grow his business and given him peace of mind when it comes to IT security.