Are your IT systems driving better client outcomes?

Today, the disability sector is very much focused on adapting to changes brought to the industry by new parameters around securing NDIS funding, while the added distractions of a Royal Commission are making it very difficult to remain focused on client outcomes. Almost out of sight and out of mind – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused on business drivers like IT, at a time when the focus is so strongly on funding, marketing and of course client services and care.

IT’s focus needs to be about supporting organisations to deliver better outcomes through improved productivity. IT must also stay inherently focused on security to protect sensitive information and client/staff privacy.

The world of IT is evolving rapidly, offering better technology solutions with applications and platforms that are capable of servicing the sector at a rapid rate. Running yesterday’s server-based technology is no longer the answer. In a world dominated by mobile devices and ubiquitous technology, it’s now a lot simpler for carers to stay connected in the field with platforms available that streamline the supply of information and advice to carers, and vice versa when sending key data back to head office.

Today, you can leverage applications for scheduling, client tracking, case management, policy sharing, staff and client induction, financial management, training, education, fleet management and so much more. However, if your IT systems and platforms are out of date, or running on old operating systems that are no longer supported then you are significantly reducing productivity and missing out on potential cost saving tools, not to mention putting your data at risk of cyber-attacks that exploit old systems.

If your organisation lacks the internal knowledge to determine what IT should be deployed, it can be frustrating or worse, overlooked. Especially if the IT team you work with, either internally or externally are in reactive mode, and simply adding Band-Aids to an out of date system – whether it be for lack of a better mandate or a lack of recent training.

If you are busy caring for people and need a legitimate shortcut to being proficient in IT systems, Combo has the necessary knowledge to step in and give you the outcomes you need through consultancy and services that put you back in control of your IT.

We provide IT systems and platforms that deliver seamless solutions which are almost invisible, allowing your technology to function in the background without the fuss. We take pride in providing organisations with:

  • IT consulting and strategic support at every level of the organisation
  • Quickly deployed IT projects at a fixed price
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Encrypted data and secure cloud technology
  • Spam reduction and security training to reduce risk from socially engineered hacking attempts
  • Proper backup offering disaster recovery options for any event
  • A 3-year technology roadmap supporting business planning and budgets
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting for relevant components of the technology stack
  • One point of contact for staff to lodge any technology issues
  • IT consulting and support at every level of the organisation

With over 17 years’ experience working with the not-for-profit sector, there’s a plethora of options in terms of insight and support that our capable team can assist you with, so why not call and ask? We promise to create legitimate value for your organisation.