Workways Australia

“Since engaging Combo to integrate our IT systems we have achieved an increase in our star rating each and every quarter… Of the more than 100 providers, Workways is now ranked in the top ten nationally, an incredible improvement. The flow-on effect of this improved performance has been a lift in revenue, profitability and new business.”

 Bryan McCormick,

Chief Executive of Workways Australia

2018 CRN Impact Awards Winner, Modernising Infrastructure (mid-range)
Workways Profile

Workways Australia is one of the highest performing Employment Services providers in Australia, delivering a diverse range of government funded services including Jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Transition to Work, Green Army and Work for the Dole.

From one community-based organisation in regional Victoria in 1989, Workways Australia has grown into a dynamic not-for-profit organisation with 52 offices located in cities, regional and remote areas. In 2015 and 2016, a set of mergers contributed greatly to this growth, but also brought significant IT challenges.

The Challenge

The typical merger involves two organisations. For Workways, it encompassed four – resulting in a mishmash of various networks and systems, many of them aging, along with four separate IT teams.

“When we initially merged together the four organisations, we had significant concerns about the age of our equipment, our ability to effectively link the four separate IT systems into one integrated system, and the amount of money that we would be required to invest to bring the business into line with industry and general business standards,” said Workways’ chief strategy and development officer, Samantha Hill.

The aim of the mergers was to create a larger, more commercially viable organisation that would provide the scale needed to remain competitive in the changing market, and enable Workways to continue to deliver its employment services to more than 16,000 job seekers across the country.

However, the merged entity was left with multiple network domains and several IT staff in different locations with different ideas of how technology should be managed, along with disparate and often unstable systems.

Combo Solution

Workways needed help in integrating and modernising their networks and systems, so it engaged IT service provider Combo not only to head up the huge project, but also to replace the existing IT teams, leading to immediate cost savings and an increase of IT capability and capacity.

Combo’s first job was to uncover what was in place, and then collaborate closely with Telstra to deploy new solutions.

“Our Discovery process revealed 22 physical servers in five locations, with other makeshift servers in remote sites. Some servers were 10 years old,” Combo Founder David Markus says, adding “PCs were unbranded with a mix of operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 8. Outages across the network were a daily occurrence. Only a third of critical data was being backed up reliably.”

Two years later, many physical servers have been virtualised using VMWare onto Telstra’s CSX cloud platform, with the operating system upgraded to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and an RDP environment created. The redundant servers have been decommissioned, reducing network complexity. Office 365 has been deployed to all staff and Combo implemented Telstra’s Veritas email archiving solution to satisfy Workways’ compliance need to retain all documents for seven years.

As a result of the server consolidation and other network upgrades, Combo was able to create a single public internet point of entry via a Palo Alto firewall.

“This has allowed Workways to replace its aging fleet of PCs with HP terminals. These terminals provide HP device manager to allow automation of thin client configuration and updates across the 300 terminals deployed. The time and cost savings of this automation over the life of the devices is significantly more than the cost of the devices.” The devices are also low power consumers and ‘clever write’ security protected.

The upgrade has ensured that Workways can attain certification for the ASD’s InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP), which has been introduced by government as a requirement of future funded contracts.

Commenting on the upgrade, Hill said: “Combo took the time to analyse and learn about our business, assisting us to develop a single, integrated, consistent, high-performing IT platform that will allow us to navigate the changing nature of our industry, ensure that we meet the current and future IT and IRAP accreditation requirements to remain competitive for future contracts, and to introduce innovative service practices.”

It’s also helped Workways double its revenue and achieve a 30 percent increase in the number of job seekers who have been placed in employment. Bryan McCormick, chief executive of Workways, said the benefits of the tech upgrade went beyond the IT team.
“Workways operates under a star rating system where employment service providers in Australia have their service delivery assessed by the federal government each quarter. Since engaging Combo to integrate our IT systems we have achieved an increase in our star rating each and every quarter.

When we commenced this process our star rating was equal to the national average. Of the more than 100 providers Workways is now ranked in the top ten nationally, an incredible improvement. The flow-on effect of this improved performance has been a lift in revenue, profitability and new business,” McCormick said.

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Zagame Automotive Group

“The leadership team have incredible business nous, are process driven and analytical, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable with a real ‘can-do’ attitude. They do things thoroughly, and well.”

Adrian Zagame,

Director, Zagame Automotive Group Pty Ltd

Zagame Automotive Group Profile

Zagame Automotive Group (ZAG) are the exclusive national importer for Pagani and Victorian dealer for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Caterham, Morgan and Rolls-Royce. The group also provides additional new and pre-owned brands to Melbourne – Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Audi, Fiat and Abarth. Offering this huge portfolio of luxury car brands combined with second-to-none customer service and state of the art Technical Training Centre and Body Repair facilities, ZAG has grown with impressive speed over the last decade. The Zagame brand stands for passion, luxury and cutting edge technology – and they need their IT services to work seamlessly to be able to deliver on that promise.

Through acquisitions and an emphasis on exceptional service, ZAG has tripled in size since 2010. A fantastic result for the business, but rapid expansion brings operational challenges, and IT is one area that requires specialist knowledge and resources to be able to grow smoothly with a business.

The Challenge

With limited internal IT resources, ZAG’s IT Manager Allen Sui was faced with overdue IT projects piling up and a legacy of half completed projects from four previous IT service providers.

Multiple Active Directory domains along with complicated and aging IT infrastructure meant that different areas of the business were operating as independent silos, with data flow and information sharing issues between them. ZAG had begun to centralise its IT infrastructure but needed the manpower to get on top of its IT issues.

Combo Solution

Many businesses use an ad hoc approach to IT as they grow, but ZAG were savvy enough to know that in order to provide a faultless experience for their discerning customers, they needed an IT service provider that could help with the big picture as well as the day to day IT issues, and get them ahead of the game.

Combo provided critical IT expertise specific to automotive retail as well as bringing broad experience of implementing IT systems and processes across many different businesses.

“Combo came onboard and picked up all the complicated legacy issues from all the previous IT providers and freed me up to have more time to deal with bigger picture IT strategies, daily critical escalations, and IT infrastructure work. They finished the overdue consolidations, standardised our complicated and broken IT environment into one that we always wanted to but never had the internal resources to create.” Says Allen, who couldn’t be happier with the way ZAG’s IT infrastructure is now supporting its business goals.

Combo now offers a centralised and instant IT helpdesk to the over 300 ZAG staff, and response times to IT issues have dramatically improved. Combo Helpdesk covers ZAGs extended business hours, as well as covering holidays for internal IT staff. All tickets are easily tracked via email in a timely order.

“Staff now have one number to call for critical IT issues, and one email for non-critical. Tickets are issued and resolved faster, and we can use the ConnectWise system to view, update, action, and direct all issues related to our users. This makes a huge difference on a daily basis.” Explains Allen Sui.

ConnectWise has also allowed ZAG to document and track important intellectual property and business information for each luxury brand in one place, again improving efficiencies.

Combo’s industry-leading communication has a great impact on business: “Having instant access to Combo’s staff members over Skype for Business – with quick messages and ‘live online’ status – creates efficiencies we never had before.” Says Allen.

And IT support is not just virtual with Combo, who have allocated ZAG an onsite technical advisor to regularly deal with onsite issues. “Our allocated onsite tech Harinder is very flexible with when he can perform any onsite work, it is really at our convenience. Harinder is super knowledgeable about networking, infrastructure & all areas of IT, and he has a great attitude.” Says Allen.

Together with Combo, Allen has been able to conduct site and server audits, document IT equipment and assets, and map the network setup accordingly. Additionally, they have improved and implemented ZAG’s IT processes for entering and exiting staff.

It is easy to see why Director Adrian Zagame is happy to recommend Combo to other businesses: “The leadership team have incredible business nous, are process driven and analytical, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable with a real ‘can-do’ attitude. They do things thoroughly, and well. We are extremely happy!”

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Breast Cancer Network Australia

“Combo’s reaction was instant, professional, and organisation-saving: the important work of BCNA was able to carry on with minimal disruption despite the upheaval caused by the flood.”

 Allison Southwell,

Head of Corporate Services, BCNA

BCNA Profile

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) works to ensure that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs. BCNA is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 100,000 members and 300 Member Groups.

Combo provides Managed IT services, called ValueCare, for BCNA. This includes strategic advice on technology infrastructure, data security and backup, and an offsite IT department since 2011.

The Challenge

Early one morning in May 2015, BCNA’s ground floor office was flooded with sewerage caused by a blockage in the main line in front of the building. The damage reached up to 300mm from the floor, and the whole ground floor had to be evacuated.

BCNA’s important work was called to a halt as the entire team had to be sent home, and arrangements made for staff to begin working from home and from temporary desks on another floor, provided by long-time supporter Bakers Delight.

BCNA depends on information stored on the server. Their 40+ staff needed to have offsite access to emails, printing and their files on the BCNA server, which was in a perilous position in the flooded office.

Combo Solution

Disaster Recovery! After the initial call from BCNA on the morning of the flood, Combo were on site assessing the damage and future risk, and quickly created a work-around that let BCNA staff print and access files from temporary desks. They ensured the Combo helpdesk was able to cope with the increased calls from BCNA staff needing help to log in and access files remotely, and consulted with BCNA management to ensure rapid action was taken to mitigate further risk and ensure business was disrupted as little as possible.

This included moving the server offsite to a data centre, and bringing forward the planned replacement of the threatened server.
As part of their ValueCare service, Combo maintained an up-to-date IT Roadmap for BCNA to provide a framework for looking at IT resources and requirements over 1-5 years. This roadmap included disaster recovery strategies, and a schedule for equipment replacement.

“Combo’s reaction was instant, professional, and organisation-saving: the important work of BCNA was able to carry on with minimal disruption despite the upheaval caused by the flood.” Allison Southwell, BCNA.

Combo Managing Director Rachel Markus attributes the great outcome of this awful event to the fantastic relationship between Combo and BCNA and to thorough and thoughtful collaborative planning.

“BCNA were able to mitigate their risks because they are great collaborators who understood the equation between IT investment and outcomes: we were able to make excellent decisions, quickly, because we had already put in the work to assess BCNA’s current and future IT capacities and needs.” Rachel Markus, Combo

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“Combo helped us align our IT strategy with our business goals, and had the expertise to be able to find the best solutions for our unique business.”

Sharon Consiglio,
HR & Facilities Manager, Acrux

Acrux Profile

Australian Stock Exchange listed Acrux (ASX: ACR) develops and commercialises pharmaceutical products for global markets, using innovative technology to administer proven medicines transdermally (though the skin). Acrux has proven technology and a successful history in partnering with global pharmaceutical companies to commercialise its products. Acrux has three pharmaceutical products approved and marketed and is investing in research to develop future products for unmet patient needs.

Acrux has been acknowledged for its success to date, receiving two 2010 Governor of Victoria Export Awards, including the Victorian Export Award for Innovation Excellence. In March 2010, Acrux signed the largest single product Iicensing deal in the history of Australian biotechnology for Axiron®, a treatment for hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency in men).

The Challenge

With no on-site IT staff and a high-tech environment, Acrux needed a whole-of-business solution to solve their immediate problems with best-of-breed products and services. They needed immediate on-call support, but also wanted develop a strategy that would support their needs into the future.

“Back in 2010 our IT environment was aged and no longer fit for purpose.” Says HR & Facilities Manager, Sharon Consiglio. “Being an organisation of scientists, we had some stringent criteria for an IT service provider. Combo was rated against a number of other companies in terms of price, location, years in operation, and services offered.”

As well as IT strategy and consulting, Acrux’s unique business meant they needed a specific set of services tailored to their business, including onsite or remote support with 24 hour access, and support for travelling staff.

“We needed a company that were experts in their field, so that we could get on with being experts in ours. We wanted a provider big enough that they could guide us through the strategy and implementation process as well as provide day to day support, and small enough that we could pick up the phone and talk to a local.”

Combo Solution

“It is Combo’s wholistic approach to IT that stands out the most. They took the time to listen to what we needed, not just focusing on what they wanted to sell us or what they had done before. They helped us align our IT strategy with our business goals, and had the expertise to be able to find the best solutions for our unique business.”

Sharon notes that Acrux have benefited significantly from the depth of experience provided by having a whole team of IT specialists at their service: “Combo has guided us through systems upgrades, moved us to the cloud, and answered our many (and sometimes repetitive!) questions with unreserved patience.”

A smooth onboarding process for new systems was vital to ensure research and development was not interrupted, and here Sharon points to Combo’s great response times and customer service as the key ingredients to success.
“Combo’s level of service has been fantastic, and I can happily recommend them to other businesses. We have been impressed by their varied expertise, their guidance, and their efficient support.”

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The National Associated Retail Traders of Australia

“Combo did a full audit of our IT systems and gave us a total solution to deal with our current growth and our needs for the future.”

Michael Jackson,
Chief Operations Officer, NARTA

NARTA Profile

The National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (NARTA) was established in 1965 and is the largest independent electrical goods buying group in Australasia.

With 29 members across Australia and 7 in New Zealand, and the combined buying power of more than AU$4 Billion, NARTA represents a group of strong generalist retailers and category dominant specialists delivering a wide range of products and services.

As an organization servicing such a diverse group of member companies, NARTA is concerned with delivering transparency, efficiency and cost-effective results and needed its infrastructure and processes to be aligned to deliver in these areas.

The Challenge

Strong growth and expansion are the goals of almost every business or organisation, but rapid growth can also cause headaches when it comes to IT infrastructure, according to NARTA’s Chief Operations Officer, Michael Jackson.

“Essentially, we were growing faster than our existing systems allowed. We were early adopters of an intranet for our members to be able to see stock on hand, sell through data, and so on. We needed our IT to be able to keep up with our capacity in terms of growth, ordering, and forecasting, and it just wasn’t going to.”

NARTA needed to be able to report their business metrics to their members in real time and in simple, easy to understand visuals. “We wanted our members to have real time, visual access to our data and so we investigated iDashboards, which is where we met David and the Combo team and realised that they had the diagnostic expertise to look at our IT systems and take us to the next level.”

Combo Solution

The team at Combo were able to implement the best data visualisation product on the market, iDashboards, and give NARTA a clear roadmap for the most economical ways to improve their IT infrastructure.

Michael is now confident that his IT systems will keep up with NARTA’s bright future: “Combo did a full audit of our IT systems and gave us a total solution to deal with our current growth and our needs for the future.”

“Based on their recommendations we moved to the cloud, updated our data warehousing capacity, upgraded our firewalls and security protocols, and improved our systems and processes to future-proof for growth. This has allowed us to implement the right software, which in turn makes us more transparent and efficient for our members.”

The depth of IT knowledge and experience across the Combo team has enabled NARTA to achieve its goals of improved efficiency and transparency, and to comprehensively address its IT capacities.

“Combo’s customer service is great, their helpdesk is efficient, and I can recommend them for their high level of expertise and professionalism.”

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Common Equity Housing Ltd

“I am so glad we went with managed IT services and with Combo. Now I have a whole IT team available to me whenever I need them!”

Colleen Van Dyk
Information Technology Coordinator, CEHL

CEHL Profile

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) is a not for profit company established for the purpose of providing housing, resources and support to volunteer rental housing co-operatives across Victoria.

CEHL is a registered housing association established in 1987 to provide a means for lower income earners to access rental properties that they manage and control on a co-operative and secure basis.

As an innovative and growing company, CEHL owns over 2200 properties across Victoria, with a current value in excess of $600 million.

The responsibilities of CEHL include:

/ Monitoring properties and planning for future development
/ Offering Co-Op members expert advice about property maintenance and tenancy management
/ Providing training and financial services, and
/ Overseeing the administration of the Co-Op Program


CEHL was and still is a rapidly growing organisation, and was struggling to keep up IT support for its existing staff, let alone plan for the future, according to CEHL’s Information Technology Coordinator Colleen Van Dyk.

“I was inundated with requests for IT support and unable to ever get ahead – always putting out fires, as they say. We had changing IT needs and we needed to be able to forward plan and implement best practice IT infrastructure for all the new departments, but I was snowed under just keeping up with daily support” says Colleen.

Colleen’s problems were typical of the many IT managers that receive expert help from Combo to free up their resources. “We either needed more IT staff, or a managed services model, and I am so glad we went with managed IT services and with Combo. Now I have a whole IT team available to me whenever I need them!”

Combo Solution

“Combo was the clear choice to get CEHL’s IT on the right path. “Of all the service providers that applied for our account, only Combo came out and asked about CEHL’s core organisational needs, not just our IT needs. They have been incredibly supportive in making sure all our goals are being reached.”

Combo now deals with the whole organisation’s daily IT support, as well as regular proactive checkups that ensure CEHL’s IT systems run smoothly:

“We have a staff member who come to us monthly to sort out any issues and check hardware, and those visits are scheduled so I have time to prepare questions and issues to discuss.

We also meet every three months to discuss our IT needs in more detail, to identify areas of growth, discuss new products or trends in the industry, and generally make sure we are on track. IT can be an isolating department to work in, and having the Combo team means that they bring not only the depth and breadth of a whole team’s expertise, but also new ideas and successes from their work with other businesses and organisations.”

Colleen couldn’t be happier with Combo’s service, and CEHL now has a partner with the capacity to keep IT working well into the future:

“Combo’s staff are lovely friendly people, and I love being able to say ‘Call Combo’ when anyone calls me with a support issue, but the main benefit has been that appointing Combo has allowed CEHL to get on with its core business, knowing that IT is no longer a problem.”

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