Crypto Locker, victim or a Combo client?

Crypto locker is a virus that is striking businesses like yours daily and is taking a serious toll. Data is being destroyed ransoms are being paid and productivity is being impacted. We have seen thousands of dollars of damage to organisations not in our client community.

The current tax refunds for infrastructure under $20,000 for businesses with less than $2 million in turnover we are busy replacing Windows 2003 Small Business Servers with modern alternatives of cloud platforms, applications like Office 365 and Windows 20012 R2 Servers. While it is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is great for lots of small companies to grab one before June 30 to get an instant tax back experience.

This ties in nicely with my message about Crypto Locker viruses, as I will explain shortly. First, I ask that you start discussing Crypto Locker and IT hygiene in your regular staff meetings with your HR policies and other topics for all staff to keep in mind. This ties in with your server upgrades as it is important that you ensure you invest in intraday backup and daily off-site backup to be sure you have a recovery path when these bugs bite.

It is highly likely that you will experience an attack in the months ahead, if you have not thus far, you will know when it happens as your PCs and other systems will be stopped dead as your files are locked away. Combo staff are currently spending days every week helping clients recover from the problems caused by Crypto Locker. We have never before experienced this severity of impact to business from malicious code. The preventions are well behind the attacks, the only appropriate defence is staff training to not open suspicious looking emails and attachments. The only suitable recovery path is your backup.

We are also seeing file replication which people thought was backup. In this case, as your primary server locks away the data, your replicated files are copied with the encryption. It is only an isolated backup with time stamped versions of files that will allow us to run your recovery.

If you need our help to get your systems up to date with sound backup in place so they are going off site daily with snapshots done throughout the day, please do not hesitate. Tax incentives, real risk, good solutions available all make for sound reasons to take action. Call us now on 1300 726 626 and ask for help.