Let technology enable organisational change in the face of the NDIS

For the Australian disability services industry, there hasn’t been a more radical change to how organisations are run for many years. After years of campaigning, the NDIS has been amended to give the power of choice to the individual from a federal level of funding.

If your organisation has a history of receiving funding through state-based grants, your business processes are going through rapid change. If you’re in the business of looking after people, you place the importance of client outcomes above business processes, and marketing yourself in a manner that attracts the funded clients, then this a considerably challenging time for your organisation.

So what’s all this about technology enabling organisational change? How does technology assist?

Let us preface this by saying that better technology will not look after your patients, only well trained staff with great attitudes will bring about the patient outcomes that are so important. However, it’s now up to every organisation to track carer activities and report to the NDIS in order to secure funding. This can introduce significant overheads that didn’t exist before and the key to survival for most organisations lies in productivity and efficiency. This means using strong electronic systems that can track activities to ensure the right information is collected and reported. This means now is the ideal time to implement new IT software in the form of apps and systems that can underpin the business processes required.

These systems will have limitations and may not follow previous processes but typically, if designed well and used correctly, will improve process flow. Doing this as a one-step change rather than a two-step change may save organisations a great deal of time, money and heartache. The adoption of new IT systems often requires a lot of training, guidance and support. So, it’s imperative to implement the right planning processes to facilitate such an adoption. 

When IT systems are not up to the task, the flow of information from activity hubs and client engagement areas to the billing systems is far from seamless. If rostering, policy information, training, instructions and other information isn’t delivered to your staff systematically and securely, then chances are that your costs are inflated, and your level of risk is unacceptable also.

As a business that has been supporting the not for profit sector for over 17 years, we at Combo know very well the pressures you are under and how difficult it can be to find the budget for the right IT systems. We have also seen far too many organisations sold on expensive technology installations that have delivered little or no benefit to the organisation.

We want to help you bring your technology up to date and to a safe and functional state that underpins and supports your organisation, which will ensure you can focus on client outcomes into the future in an NDIS funded world.