Let your IT assist in accessing NDIS funding

If your organisation has carers looking after NDIS funded clients or will once you get through your transition phase, then making the most of your IT systems for data collection is at the heart of your potential prosperity.

Technology has changed significantly in recent years and organisations that have not adjusted to the change are struggling. If managing the transition to NDIS funding is causing you problems, IT systems that are ready to help you track the services you deliver and claim the funding may be an important part of the journey.

An important element in terms of your overall success will be device selection. The right device is vital to ensuring your staff and volunteers can easily log their activities, which in turn allows for critical data to flow seamlessly back to your reporting systems.

To do this you will need the right platforms, systems and networks in place with the right security to ensure your workers are connected, stable and secured. Intermittent systems will be ignored, and leaks of private client or staff information are not acceptable. So no matter the scale of your organisation, it is imperative that you get these systems right.

There are many applications out there that will allow your team to use mobile phones or small tablets in the field. Making use of secure Wi-Fi networks at work sites, or 3G and 4G connections in homes may make new service offerings possible, and may save duplication of administrative efforts in ways you have not yet considered. The technology you implement will have a real cost to it so it is important to look at the business case for each investment to determine how it will save time, reduce effort or reduce risk. Will it allow you to provide a new service? Will it allow you to access funding for something that is currently included in a bundle of services that could be generating additional fees under NDIS?

Today the focus for NDIS funded organisations is transition. Soon this will shift to compliance and data security as it has for most other government funded organisations. Adhering to the recommendations of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is likely to become more closely linked to funding. Does your current technology support your team where they need it?