Making the right IT decisions to drive long-term value

The new parameters around NDS funding mean organisations now have greater demands when it comes to choosing the right solutions to drive operational efficiency. But with this comes greater complexity, and this can present a challenge for organisations with little to no experience in choosing and implementing fit-for-purpose IT solutions.

Not only that, but NDS providers operate in a tightly regulated market where prices for services and support are set by the NDS, which makes choosing the right solution even more challenging.

With all this mind, organisations lacking in-house IT expertise may be tempted to stick with what they know to avoid the headache.

But relying on outdated technology can have costly consequences for any organisation, and NDS providers are no exception. In fact, in a 2016 survey, 72% of workers said outdated technology harmed productivity, while 62% of HR and line managers said better, more up-to-date technologies would help foster better employee engagement.

So, how can NDS providers go about making the right IT decisions to drive long-term value in the face of these challenges?

Make sure your IT strategy is aligned with your business strategy

When it comes to IT and digital transformation, there are certain commonalities that exist irrespective of industry or vertical. A key consideration for any organisation is that, ultimately, an IT strategy should serve to support the overall business’ strategy. Any organisation can invest in the latest technology, but if doesn’t add practical value, it isn’t fit for purpose.

When considering your approach to IT, remember that any solution you choose should be able to support your business objectives – be that providing exceptional service, promoting a productive and engaged workforce, maintaining a high level of security or any other key priority.

Understand the needs of your workforce and customers

Clarifying the requirements of all relevant stakeholders is key to getting it right when deploying a new technology. Consider the needs of both your workforce and your customers, and what’s needed to provide the best solution for their requirements.

For example, if you have customers who need to make claims through an online portal, choosing technology that provides accessibility for disabled patients will be critical. Determining the needs of all stakeholders is a crucial step in choosing IT systems that deliver practical value to the people that matter most.

Choose a technology partner that understands your unique requirements

As a NDS provider, your organisation comes with a unique set of requirements and obligations. It’s imperative to ensure your prospective technology partner understands these requirements and can design an IT solution that’s fully compliant. Above all, it’s about choosing a technology partner that can fit your requirements, as opposed to working around your technology partner’s capabilities.

Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Even some of the world’s largest organisations fall prey to the common pitfalls of digital transformation: juggling too many priorities, lack of clarity in strategy, trying to do too much at once – the list goes on.

Remember that making the “right” IT decisions is a process, and will often require adjustments along the way.

A trusted IT partner can help you find the right solutions to support your organisation now, and in the future.

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